Why Can't I Save the Home Page?

There is a bug currently in the CMS Content Editor whereby users are hitting the "Save" button but nothing is happening. This is a known bug, and has been fixed in the latest version of Crowd CMS. We have rolled out this update to several customer websites but we might not have rolled the fix out onto your website just yet.

If you are experiencing this problem then please raise a support ticket requesting us to roll out this update onto your CMS.

In the meantime if you urgently need to update your home page content please follow these instructions:

  1. Edit the page as normal
  2. Before hitting "Save" return to the "Page URL" field
  3. Hit the "Edit" link next to the Page URL field
  4. Enter a forward slash - "/" - into the Page URL field
  5. Save the page as normal

We understand that this is frustrating but we can quickly and esily roll out the fix onto your website if required.


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