How to purchase your subscription to Microsoft Office 365

For the Exchange (Full) account or Kiosk account:

  1. Sign into your Office 365 administrator account at

    Microsoft Portal Online Screenshot
    Please Note:at this stage if you look at your user profiles to check how many licences you need to purchase, you will see an “Admin Account” user profile. DO NOT DELETE this profile as your account will be unrecoverable without it. Also, this account does not attract a licence fee, so do not include it in your licence purchase.
  2.  Next, click on “Purchase” on the left hand “Admin Overview” toolbar – DO NOT click on “Purchase Now” next to the expiry warning:

    Purchasing Subscription to Microsoft Office 365
  3. Click on “Other plans” at the top of the next page:

    Other Office 365 Plans
  4. Now, select either “Exchange Online (Plan1)” or, scroll down and select “Exchange Online Kiosk” for the basic subscription:

    Exchange Online Kiosk

    NB: If you follow “Purchase Now” on the main screen, you will not be given these subscription options and be asked to pay £13.50 per user per month instead of £2.60.

  5. Assigning Licences - Once you have purchased your subscriptions, you must assign the licences to your users.

    From the Admin page, click on “Users” under “Management” on the left hand menu pane.

    Other Office 365 Plans
  6. Once you are on the user page, click on the user you wish to assign a licence to. You will then have a list displaying the available licences, all of which have check boxes next to them. Simply select or deselect as appropriate.

    NB: You MUST perform all changes to a user’s licences at the SAME TIME. If you save changes or browse away part way through DATA WILL BE LOST.

    Other Office 365 Plans
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