Office 365 Setup Instructions – Outlook 2010 – Full Exchange (25GB) Account

  1. Go to and use your e-mail address and temporary password (sent to you in email) to logon.
  2. Set your own password – (please note the minimum requirements for a strong password on the site).
  3. Continue with the logon and select the “Download” link from the mid right-hand side of the user screen.
  4. Follow the prompts to complete the pre-configuration.
  5. Click on “Control Panel” on the start menu and ensure that “View by” is set to small icons (Win Vista/7) or “Classic View” (Win XP) then click on “Mail”.
  6. Click on “E-mail Accounts” and then click on “New”. Click “E-mail Account” and then “Next”.
  7. Complete the Name, E-mail Address and password details. Please note that your e-mail address is the same as your account username. The password is the one you set in stage (2).
  8.  If all the entries have been made correctly you will get three green ticks on the following test screen and be able to complete the setup. You can now use Outlook
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